Sales Team Training & Development

Sales Team Training & Development

With customers spending approximately nine hours investigating vehicles online, they are more informed and educated than ever before. The Academy has the sales training and processes to ensure the best customer experience, increases in volume, and profitability for your dealership.                            

Y.E.S. Customer Engagement Sales Process

Designed around the internet-educated customer of today, the Y.E.S. Customer Engagement Sales Process is available for both entry-level and seasoned sales consultants. This course will not only help sell more cars profitably, it will ensure a fast, compliant, and customer-centric process. Participants learn valuable sales skills for today’s customer and strategies for moving past the most common objections customers have during the entire sales process, from initial contact to delivery of the vehicle.

Course topics include:

  • The internet-educated customer of today
  • Online response techniques
  • Basics of inbound phone calls
  • Appointment setting
  • Customer engagement
  • Stage determination
  • Moving past lot objections
  • Creating the Y.E.S.
  • Correct vehicle selection
  • Presentation techniques using the Y.E.S.
  • Demonstration drive techniques
  • Asking the customer to purchase and moving past purchasing objections
  • Current vehicle review
  • Gaining a soft commitment to purchase
  • Presentation of figures and working with the customer
  • Payment, initial investment, price, and trade objections
  • Gaining a commitment to purchase from the customer
  • Effective delivery, follow-up, and prospecting techniques

Available in three formats:

Power Boost:

  • This one-day version of the Y.E.S. Customer Engagement Process offers a "boost" in sales and profitability in the shortest amount of time possible. It is designed for dealerships wanting new ideas and direction for working with today's customer.

2-Day Reset:

  • Ideal for dealerships that need a fresh process for today’s customer, this workshop is a fast-paced version of The Academy’s Y.E.S. Customer Engagement Process and intended for more experienced dealership personnel. Salespeople gain valuable knowledge necessary for working with today’s internet-educated customer, resulting in additional sales and increased profitability while maintaining an efficient, customer-centric process. The 2-Day Reset is great preparation for the selling season.

3-Day New Hire

  • This slower paced, in-depth version of The Academy’s Y.E.S. Customer Engagement Process is specifically designed for the new-hire salesperson. The Academy knows that onboarding new sales personnel is a daunting task, and this workshop sets out to do that for you. Not only will The Academy instill a process in your new hires, we will also educate on dealership etiquette, paperwork, lot walks, and working professionally and effectively with others, with additional role-play to ensure a highly productive salesperson.

Y.E.S. Online

This on-location internet sales training is designed for salespeople, sales managers, internet directors, and BDC representatives. Your dealership’s online response strategy is not “cookie-cutter,” and neither is our Y.E.S. Online Workshop. We work with your technology and the resources you currently have available in order to maximize your online exposure and reputation, using effective techniques to engage your leads and increase your online sales volume.

Course topics include:

  • Response time
  • Effective internet communication
  • Implementing video response
  • Lead tracking
  • Maximizing internet lead conversions
  • Determining the customers’ primary buying motives using S.T.A.C.K.E.D.
  • Asking for the business