On Location and In-Dealership

On Location and In-Dealership

This option provides supplemental in-dealership training and development on an as-needed basis. The purpose of in-dealership development is to strengthen and reinforce the principles and processes taught by The Academy to ensure employee success and deliver higher dealership profits. The topics trained depend on the immediate needs or concerns of the dealer, general manager, directors, managers, or agents.

Daily development can include:

    • Personal one-on-one development as-needed
    • Deal audit and process assessment
    • Business manager processes
    • Income production and improvement
    • Sales performance and processes
    • Sales management and leadership principles
    • Internet & BDC strategies
    • Phone skills
    • Goal setting and accountability
    • Role-play for real-world improvement
    • Tracking performance and growth opportunities

Training on this level leads to the following results:

    • Increased sales and F&I profitability
    • Increased vehicle sales
    • Dramatically increased F&I product sales